How To Study Smart Not Hard (Infographic)

As Take Your Success gains more popularity and recognition, I receive a heavy dose of emails from all around the United States and the world.

Usually these emails are from students or young professionals asking me for specific advice on a situation in their life. This is what I love doing: helping people out and sharing what I know.

But other times I get emails with annoying requests asking to guest post on my site or for me to write a positive review about some lame product or service in exchange for money. That’s not what I love to do.

Doing things I don’t believe in goes against my mission to deliver as much value as I can to you through my emails, blog posts, and books. And I would hate to break your trust by selling out with some product that won’t help you.

So I don’t respond to those emails or respectfully tell them to take a hike. But I did get a cool email the other week.

Infographic For Smart Studying

A guy named Aris emailed me and said he created an infographic that’s relevant to my audience, so I might like to take a look at and share it with my readers. He was right.

The infographic below shows how to study smart, not hard. I have some minor different opinions, but for the most part the information is right on point. Plus, I personally think infographics are a cool way to learn information.

What did you think about the information? Is this how you prepare for exams?

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Good luck on your pursuit to finish the semester strong! And don’t freak out if your grades aren’t where you want them to be, after all your college GPA might not matter.

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