How to Start Your Own IT Business

How do you understand that it’s time to change the field and start a career in IT?

Besides exciting projects and innovative activities, working in the information technology field has several significant advantages.

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Why IT sphere?

–°reating a business in the IT sphere is nothing but a desire dictated by a relatively low entry threshold, low level of competition, no boundaries for development, and a profitability ceiling.

  • Your income is needed to keep your savings. Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
  • There are no sales. The industry is stagnant. You’re constantly at risk of being downsized.
  • Do stress, deadlines, and constant overwork make you miserable?
  • Do you hate standing in traffic at 8:30 a.m. to get to a depressing office across town?

The era of globalization in today’s world encompasses all aspects of human activity. It is evident in many areas of action, including entrepreneurship. Information technology is directly involved in business, which opens up numerous opportunities for development in this area.

Many people wonder what IT business ideas exist and how to choose the right niche to start.

The word “startup,” popular today, has become the most used by young programming professionals in developed regions of the IT industry, such as Silicon Valley. However, such activity requires a careful approach and analysis, as most of the ideas are common, and some have already been partially implemented with an unsuccessful outcome.

  1. It is possible to do your business in IT by being a specialist in any industry because any of the industries can be digitized, and your industry startup can be launched.
  2. You must, first of all, learn not the basics of programming but the promotion of a product on the market and marketing. With this crucial skill, programmers, cobblers, and anyone else can survive in a competitive environment.

What requirements do users have for IT services?

Today, there are several essential aspects that potential customers and users pay attention to when using a particular product.

These conditions do not depend on which category of information technology the service belongs to:

  1. High mobility. Note that information resources can be accessed from any device, so it is essential for businesses in this area to create a product or service with a high level of mobility and synchronization.
  2. High productivity. This parameter applies not only to the services and products provided but also to the team itself. Only qualified IT specialists can implement all the ideas they came up with and provide a quality service (qualification does not refer to experience in this case).
  3. Flexibility. Globalization does not forgive outdated ideas. Today it is essential to be able to sharply change the vector of development, following new technologies and trends.

Types of companies 

Product companies

These companies develop their products. The product can be anything – a mobile application, a social network, a development environment, or an antivirus.

Outsourcing companies

These are the types of companies that develop software on demand for other companies and firms.

Consulting companies

These are companies that handle the implementation of off-the-shelf software.

IT departments of non-technical companies

This fairly new area has started to grow strongly because of the digital transformation of traditional businesses. Now, to be successful in the market, companies must be present in the digital space. Therefore, it is no surprise that any large bank, an insurance company, or a forex broker has its own IT department or even a subsidiary IT company.

Top 10 most profitable IT companies in the world in 2022

Today Dell is considered the IT company with the most significant revenues worldwide. Its annual profit is $108 billion, and its customers worldwide exceed 10 million.

IBM is the world’s second most profitable IT company, with more than $67 billion in annual revenues. That’s not surprising, given that nearly 97% of the world’s banks and 80% of retailers use IBM products and services.

HP Enterprise provides services in software, SAAS, and cloud computing. It also develops data centers, productivity applications, systems, and fintech solutions.

Accenture today is one of the most prominent digital marketing businesses providing business consulting, technology solutions, security and productivity applications, and quantum computing.

Cisco Systems is the world’s fifth most successful IT company by revenue. Cisco is usually known as a maker of switches, routers, and other networking equipment. Its annual revenues have already topped $52 billion.


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