How To Have A Meaningful Summer

how to have a meaningful summerIt’s the time of year when classes end and summer starts. For three months, there won’t be anymore school-related anxiety, late-night study cramming, and disagreements with professors.

Summer is a beautiful time. You’re free to do whatever you desire (use this guide of 200 things to do this summer to help).

Some say that during this warm-weather season you don’t have to plan anything besides showing up for work (that’s if you have a summer job).

And I’m all for an enjoyable summer, don’t get me wrong, however I believe you can have fun and relax as you also build momentum for your future.

Specifically, spending fifteen minutes here and there during your time off from school to learn about yourself and what you want will pay lasting dividends. This work isn’t grueling, but requires simple reflection and a desire for success. I promise that you can accomplish all of these activities by the pool.

Areas To Focus On During Summer

Come out of summer with a vision.

Visions are more powerful than goals since goals can be abandoned at the first sight of something difficult. Think of what you want your life to look like in the next decade plus. The more you know yourself, the easier it is to accomplish this task.

Plan a strategy of how to accomplish the vision.

Once you have a vision, mentally imagine different avenues that will get you to where you want to be. Don’t worry about making a master plan because there are many different things out of your control in life. If you know where you’re going, your strategy can be somewhat loose because with hard work you’ll find a way to make your vision happen.

Practice getting rid of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs block yourself from success. Some examples of limiting beliefs include, “I can’t apply for this position, I’m not smart enough,” “I can’t talk to her, she’s way out of my league,” and “I can’t be rich in the future because I have student loans debt.”

What is crazy is that these beliefs are entirely self-imposed restrictions that only have power when we let them. If you believe you’re not smart enough and then you don’t apply, of course you won’t get the position. If you think a guy or girl is out of your league, then you’ve already lost any chance of getting to know them deeper. And if you think you can’t be rich in the future because of your present financial situation, then you’re going to let this thought be your reality.

Instead, when you hear one of these limiting beliefs creep into your mind during the summer, reverse that thought and stay positive. Believe that you’re not what your past or present situation might say about you and you’re going to be a great success.

Reconnect with friends.

Summer is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends who don’t go to the same school as you. Be intentional in planning a time to catch up. I’m sure that the other person will appreciate your effort.

Staying close with friends after you’ve both gone different ways is a valuable habit to learn. Because as you grow up, you’re most likely going to become more busy and physically farther away.

Also, make an effort to meet new people. You’ll be surprised about how rewarding it is to get out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers.

Relax and rest.

After a strenuous year of school, it’s important to make time to relax and take a break. Go on vacation or do something fun. Get your mind and body back in shape if you let it go during school. You’ll be thankful that you relaxed when you take on new responsibilities in the fall. And being rested is a powerful defender in fighting severe procrastination.

Last Words

The reflection you put in during the summer won’t produce physical results in the moment, yet it will inspire future actions to get you to where you want to go and what you want to do.

It takes time to build these habits, and I can’t think of a better opportunity to practice than the summer. Soon, you will develop the consistency to evaluate yourself during busy seasons like the top performers.

Readers, comment below on: What are your plans for summer? What limiting beliefs hold you back? How do you relax?

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