How to Create a Profitable Online Course in 2023?

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Title: How to Create a Profitable Online Course in 2023?

Description: Wondering how to make money in 2023? Check out this guide on how to create and sell an online course for a profit!

With the rising inflation, it is very vital to have more than one income stream nowadays. If you are skilled in something, one of the best ways to turn it into an income stream is by selling and creating your own online course in 2023.

The e-learning market is expected to progress with every passing year which is why it is the right time to develop your own online course and earn through it. Online courses can also be used to sell other digital products like e-books. 

Things you will need to create an online course

Before we proceed towards how you can develop an online course, let’s discuss what you will need for creating it. The quality of your online course is very important for people to buy it. Therefore you will need a few things so that your online course looks professional enough. Here is a list of things you will need:


For decent videos, you will need a good camera. If you are using a smartphone which has a good quality camera then make sure that when you are recording, your phone is on a solid foundation and has at least basic lighting.

Green Screen

To start an online course, you should own a green screen so that you can project distinctive backgrounds in your videos. The quality of your video should look professional for which a green screen is very important.

A green screen ensures that your background is consistent in all the videos as you might have to film your online course over a span of a few days.


A very important aspect of developing online courses is that your students are able to hear your voice clearly. For this purpose, you will need a good quality microphone. What you can do is take a start with a lapel mic or a clip-on mic. 

If these are also high on your budget then you can get your hands on various USB microphones which are not too expensive but still offer high quality hearing.

Video Editing Software

The third thing that you will need is editing software. There are tons of free editing software available that you can use if you are not planning to do something too complicated. Some of these are OpenShot, ShotCut, VSDC and iMovie.

Screen Recording Software

When you will learn how to build an online course, you will have to present slideshows and demonstrate tasks for which you will need screen recording software. If you are not high on your budget initially then do not worry as there are many free online tools and software like Loom and QuickTime.

Once you have all these things ready, it is time to learn how to create an online course and earn an income stream. 

How to make an online course?

The predictions for the e-learning market are very promising and showcase that it is the right time to build an online course and generate an income stream. But you may be wondering how to set up an online course and if it is so easy for anyone to make an online course and earn through it?

Creating an online course is not as easy as it sounds but by following the steps below you can successfully create a profitable course:

Pick the perfect course topic.

The first step that you need to take is to decide on a course topic. When you are thinking of a perfect course topic idea, you need to be mindful that it comprises your passion as well as expertise and you can fulfill your prospective customer’s demands and needs through it.

Fulfillment of your target audience’s needs is the key to earning profits no matter what area of expertise you have. When you are deciding on a course topic, think of the reasons why people look for online courses and what they would want to learn in an online course.

Ensure your course idea has high market demand

Once you have decided on your course topic, the second step is to research the market demand and analyze whether your course topic will have a higher market demand or not. You must be able to fully understand your market niche before you proceed towards filming or writing scripts.

We advise you to make data-driven decisions when building online courses. You can do this through a few methods like:

Reviewing interest volume.

Discovering what your target audience wants to know.

Engaging with communities on Quora and Reddit.

Communicating with your target audience.

Researching about your competitors.

Create Compelling Learning Outcomes

The third step is to be able to define the learning outcomes for both, yourself as well as your students. Compelling learning outcomes will be what would make students take your course. The outcomes should be clearly understood by you and your students.

Make sure you set accurate and ambiguous expectations as if you will not do so then your students will feel frustrated at the end of your course and it will not become profitable.

Gather your Course Content

Once you have determined the course topic, researched the market demand and created a compelling course learning outcome, it is time to gather your course content. If you want video-based lesions then you shall start with writing a script first.

If you will write your script carefully, your lesson will be logically structured, concise and easy to follow. You will have to work hard on the video as it might take several takes. The videos should be informative and capture the course content in such a way that students don’t feel the burden of learning while actually they are learning a lot while watching the lesson videos.

Structure Your Course Plan

As you have gathered the information for your course, it is time to structure your course plan. A well-structured course plan has its content added into smaller sections and lessons. The online course should be divided into logical sections from which students can progress from one section to the other.

Once you have a structured course plan, you will have a clear direction to set up your course one lesson at a time. Each section should have its own exercises and assignments to work on and also have detailed guides.

Determine the most engaging methods for each lesson

This is a very important step that you must not forget, that is to have engaging methods for each action. The different engaging methods comprise of video, text, quiz, assignment, survey, downloadable and embed. As a course creator, you have to identify which method is suitable for each lesson.

Editing your Online Course

As discussed earlier, in order to be able to sell your online course successfully, you must ensure the quality of your online lessons which is why editing is very necessary. You must fix the sound of your videos, add pop-ups, and text and see if the overall quality is up to the mark or not.

For students to trust you, they must see professionalism in your course which will be reflected in your lesson quality and content.

Target the learning community

Once you have learned how to build an online course and have successfully created one, it is very important to sell it successfully. You need to target the learning community through various Facebook groups and increase your social media followers. You can provide free advice to the learning community and showcase your expertise to them so that they sign up for your course.

Launch and Ongoing Marketing

Once you have increased your followers and targeted the learning community through social media and Facebook groups it is now time to launch your course and market it. Email marketing is a successful method to promote your online course to subscribers but it works when you have a baseline trust with your potential customers. 

Another successful way to market your online course is through a blog which will also build up your email list. Your blog and posts should revolve around what your target audience would want to achieve through the course.

You can also include snippets from your online course in the marketing campaigns such as social media posts. This would give the people a taste of what they can sign up for.

Gather Feedback

Last but not the least, you must gather feedback from your students as it will be really helpful in improving your course outline. You can give free or induced courses to a batch of people and get their feedback to improve your online course’s value.

You can also receive constructive feedback on your course which will help you find out whether your students achieved the learning outcomes or not. To make your online course a source of a profitable income stream then you must receive and accept constructive feedback.


Building an online course and selling it for a profitable income stream is a very good idea nowadays. The growing e-learning market is a good incentive to learn how to create an online course and sell it for profits. 

This article will help you learn how to create an online course and sell it in the year 2023 successfully.

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