How to Choose the Best Mobile Betting App? | Most Common Mistakes & Tips for Beginners

To place a bet on sports, there is no need to go to a bookmaker’s office – everything you need is literally at your fingertips! All you need is a cell phone and Internet access. In this article, you can learn how to choose the best mobile app and read the tips for beginner bettors and then luck will be on your side!

How To Choose the Best Sports Betting App

Companies that are actively involved in organizing betting try to keep up with the times. They are doing everything they can to get more and more customers. If players can make convenient bets at any time, they will never give up that advantage. And this is possible thanks to the mobile applications that every successful betting company creates.

80% of sports betting is done from phones. Every bookmaker has applications(for example Dafabet app), but how can you choose the best one? Technology is developing rapidly, sports betting is trying to keep up. Only 20-30 years ago it was possible to make a bet only at betting shops. Now it is not necessary to go out of the house or even get out of bed. You only need to choose the right mobile application. 

Why Do You Need A Sports Betting App?

A mobile app is a special software that is developed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Typically, these programs are designed for iOS and Android.

Mobile apps have all the leading bookmakers in India, in recent years have become an indispensable tool for most betting players. According to recent data, about 80% of the total number of bets are made from phones – through the mobile version of the site or app. A few years ago, this proportion was about 50-60%. And it continues to grow.

Main Advantages And Main Disadvantages Of Using The App

Applications for cell phones developed by bookmakers have quite a few advantages, which include:

  • Getting all the necessary information on the upcoming game or another sporting event;
  • The possibility of making a bet at any place and at any time. Even being on a break or in public transport, this can be done in a matter of seconds;
  • High performance and excellent optimization. If the traffic is small, then the power consumption will be low, so the mobile, will not run out quickly;
  • Adjusting the interface for small screen sizes. On the screen of any resolution, you can see all the features that can make a bet and make the work comfortable;
  • Providing full functional access even when the main site is down or blocked. That is, the program will work in isolation, although it will retain all the features of the main site.
  • Availability of bonus programs and incentives.

There are practically no disadvantages of mobile versions, except that they cannot be purchased from official online gaming stores.

Betting on sports via computer is convenient at home or work when it is possible to sit down and concentrate on finding the best odds. But the opportunity to make a bet is not lost, even if you are on the road, watching a sports match in a bar, are at the stadium, or simply do not have access to a computer.

In this situation, there are two options – a mobile version of the bookmaker’s website or an application. Mobile betting applications repeat the functionality of the main site in full. They have three obvious advantages over the mobile version of the site:

  • They work faster on weak internet. The applications are created with possible problems in mind. As a rule, they work even on the Internet at a slow speed, which is especially important when traveling;
  • More convenient interface. You will not have to increase the size of the screen and try to get your finger to the right part of the screen on the first try. The application discards unnecessary data and displays only the basic information.
  • Higher operating speed. As a rule, pages load faster and bets are also accepted promptly. This is an especially important plus for those who bet in real time on dynamic sports, where the situation can quickly turn around.

In table tennis, for example, a game lasts 1-3 minutes and each draw lasts an average of 3-8 seconds. In biathlon, it can change throughout a single shoot, which lasts 15-25 seconds. And so on.

The mobile betting apps are not only useful for betting on sports at any convenient moment. Newbies with their help can save time and quickly register with a betting company. Extensions of operators provide such an opportunity.

How To Download And Install The Mobile Betting App

Links to the official application of a particular bookmaker are usually placed in the menu of the betting site or at the bottom of its home page. The easiest way is to visit the bookmaker’s website from your smartphone, on which you want to install the program.

In most cases, a banner offering to download a mobile version of the site that will fit your operating system will immediately appear on the screen. All you have to do is click OK and wait for the download to complete.

Under no circumstances download programs from third-party sites. There are enough fake applications on the net that masquerade as betting company extensions. They are used by fraudsters to steal information: you will enter the details of your gambling account, and the criminals will use them to withdraw funds or make bets from your account. Only download applications from official sources. Only apps from bookmakers licensed by Curacao are recommended for use. They are subject to the established laws, which guarantee protection to customers in case of dishonest behavior of the operator and violation of obligations.

Illegal (offshore) companies without a license can deprive the player of his honestly earned winnings: by constantly demanding proof of identity or simply blocking the account for some far-fetched reason. You will have to play in these offices at your own risk.

When choosing a mobile application for a bookmaker’s office, experienced players advise paying attention to five main criteria.

  1. Performance. The app should work quickly and without interruptions. At the same time, it should not overload the operating system of the mobile device and waste battery power beyond measure. A stable operation without bugs and glitches will ease the betting.
  2. User-friendly interface, and simple navigation. You should intuitively navigate in sections, and find the necessary function, sport, or specific matches in a few seconds.
  3. Formalization of the bet must be easy and fast, regardless of the sport and tournament. Otherwise, situations are possible, when you have found a profitable option in play, but the bookmaker doesn’t accept the bet the first time, and after a few dozen seconds the odds have dropped significantly. As a result, the player will miss the opportunity of a profitable bet due to the bad work of the application.
  4. Resistance to connection quality. The application should work satisfactorily at low Internet speeds and unstable connections: not require restarting, not to reset authorization, and not freeze when confirming a bet. The applications of most leading bookmakers in the India comply with this point.
  5. Preserve the functionality of the betting site. The mobile app should have at least the same functionality as the bookmaker’s website.

If you give preference to an app that meets all these standards, you will be able to make bets at any time and in any convenient situation. Good luck!

Tips For Beginner Bettors

Before you bet on soccer, check out these tips for beginner bettors. So, the first thing to do before placing a bet is to analyze the match you want to bet on:

  • Bet on games that take place at a time that is convenient for you;
  • The tournament in which the teams are participating is widely covered in the media;
  • You have an idea of the strength of the playing teams, and the players’ capabilities and can make a detailed analysis of the match.

When analyzing a match, consider the following aspects:

  • Statistics of face-to-face meetings.
  • Recent results of the teams.
  • The amount of recovery time.
  • Injured and disqualified players.
  • Tournament motivation of the opponents.
  • News and rumors about team relations.
  • Chief referee statistics.

Before you bet on sports, consider that no one knows how to win on sports betting all the time. You can read soccer predictions from experts, but each betting strategy has its drawbacks – analyze the matches and also manage your bank wisely.

Top 7 Most Common Mistakes Made By Beginners

Bettors who are inexperienced in betting lose money on bets, making mistakes that experienced players avoid. Let’s look at the six most common mistakes that beginners make.

  1. Betting on high odds – players betting on sports, giving preference to teams whose victory the bookmaker has indicated a high odds. Using such an approach without the proper experience, players lose money. For example, when placing a bet on a strong team with high odds, bettors often do not take into account the circumstances that can affect the outcome of the match: disqualification or injury of leading players, change of coach in the club, etc.
  2. Excessive emotionality – euphoria from successful bets, as well as discouragement from losses can interfere with a thoughtful analysis of the match. Bets made “on emotion” often turn out to be unsuccessful and lead only to “sinking” the pot. To avoid this, make a bet only after you have analyzed the match.
  3. Inept bank management is another common mistake that concerns deposit management. Beginners most often bet the entire bank on a single event or express. Sometimes it is a success and you manage to make a big score, but in most cases, it turns out to be a loss. Wishing to get even, a beginner replenishes his balance and makes the same mistakes again: he loses again after betting a big sum and replenishes the balance.
  4. Betting on your favorite team – soccer fans can bet on soccer for fun. For example, a match that does not have much intrigue becomes more interesting when betting (bet size does not play a key role here). However, if you consider betting as a separate kind of entertainment and aim to correctly determine the outcome of the event, then betting on your favorite team is not the best strategy. Elementary you will not be able to adequately assess the strength of your favorite team, which with a high probability will lead to a loss.
  5. Bettors do not keep track of betting history – players who are already betting on sports, but do not keep track of their betting returns, do not know exactly how much money they lost. This also hinders the choice of a sports betting strategy. On the contrary, self-analysis allows choosing a competent betting strategy, noting the regularity with which one manages to win or, on the contrary, to lose money more often. This will help to distinguish good bets from bad bets.

Playing only in one bookmaker’s office – refusing to compare different bookmakers, the bettor deprives himself of the opportunity to choose the most profitable offer. As a result, the player bets at odds that are not the most profitable, which leads to the loss of part of the potential profit. Bettors who regularly bet on sports have accounts in several bookmakers’ offices, which allows them not only to bet at favorable odds but also to participate in various promotions and bonus programs.

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