Book Description

There are two different ways to manage your money and live. Most young adults use their money the wrong way. They work at jobs they don’t enjoy. Buy things that don’t make them happy in the long term. And are forced to work until they’re 65.

Brian Robben’s Freedom Mindset shows the other way to live. This is a step-by-step guide on how to become rich so you have the freedom to live more and work less.

Robben uncovers:

  • Eight Steps To Salary Negotiation Excellence
  • The most important factor to becoming rich
  • How to destroy debt and stay out of debt
  • Your current saving problem and what to do instead
  • How to escape the rat race to retire decades early
  • The truths and the lies about investing
  • A winning investment strategy you can set on autopilot to do better things with your life

If you’re willing to handle your money differently than most people, this guide will put you on the fast track to get rich and reach financial freedom.

So can you afford not to get this book and lose out on mastering your income?

If you want to reach financial freedom, order Freedom Mindset right now.

Praise For Freedom Mindset

“Brian Robben’s simple action plan for independent wealth and a life pursuing your dreams rather than next month’s paycheck is a must-read. Geared toward young professionals and recent grads but this advice serves as a sound money management reminder for all ages. Brian’s advice will help anyone realize their potential for wealth with this quick and informative read!” – Graham

“Great read. Brian is a skilled writer who lays out an effective plan for young adults to lay a foundation for their financial success. Importantly (especially for me), you don’t need an MBA or finance degree to follow his plan as well as the logic underlying it. Would highly recommend to everyone, regardless of their background in personal finance and current financial state. 5 Stars” – MT

“Brian Robben is back at it again as he guides his readers to fight financial confusion and how to overcome it. He creates powerful checklists as well as easy-to-follow action steps at the end of each chapter. Robben breaks down money management in a realistic, yet relatable way. His readers learn how to save, invest, and even give back with their money, no matter their age or income! Definitely a great read for those trying to find financial freedom.” – Grace

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