Enjoy Your 4th Of July Holiday For The Long-Game

enjoy your holiday
The days can be long when chasing success.

Your motivation could decline from burnout.

And the once passionate work might turn into agitation.

To snap out of these emotions, you can bury your head down and try to fight through it all you want. But, from my experiences, this brute force strategy usually leads to more struggle and less efficiency—regardless of the activity.

The Better Solution

Instead of trying to ignore the mental or physical struggle, a better solution is to temporarily drop everything work-related and enjoy yourself.

I’m not talking about a 15-minute study break. Take off a couple of hours, a day, or a weekend, to refresh your mind and spirit. Lucky for us, we have a perfect opportunity as it’s the 4th of July weekend.

Some readers may think I’m joking with this feel-good post about enjoying your holiday. But, I’m 100% serious because achieving success requires hard work over time. Since it could be decades to get to the finish line, you can help yourself momentarily by resetting your mind to avoid burnout.

Also, you can gain an advantage over your peers who stress about instant results. They will look for shortcuts, do unfocused work, and question the purpose.

We will allow our mind to recover to understand concepts deeper, improve focus, and restore our positive energy that started the journey. Winners play for the long-game, not the short-game.

However, I need to say this. Please don’t misunderstand this as an excuse for consistent laziness so you make sure to “avoid burnout.” If this is your outlook, you will only delay your goals or completely miss out on accomplishing them.

Send Off

This post is intentionally short so you can read less and start having a great 4th of July weekend. Enjoy your holiday next to the pool, lake, ocean, or grill. Completely take in the fireworks.

Then, work hard on your summer classes, internship/work, or other life goals with a renewed vigor.

Readers, what are your weekend plans?

Brian Robben

Brian Robben is the founder of Take Your Success, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs grow a profitable business and reach freedom. For in-depth training, visit: brianrobben.com