8 Inventive Ways of Getting Customer Feedback and Testimonials

In order to get valuable customer feedback, you must know what they want. There are many ways of getting this data so that it benefits your company. Businesses also have the option to publish customer satisfaction feedbacks in an instant, which is beneficial to both sides. Whatever your strategy is, make sure to implement any of these eight tips. 

8. Send A Follow Up Email

Follow up emails won’t always have the highest percentage of respondents. What makes it valuable is that the people that do respond will be from both extremes. Satisfied consumers will go into detail about what they liked about a product or service. Frustrated consumers will tell you why the company fell short of their expectations. 

7. Attach Feedback Surveys

Feedback surveys are a non-intrusive way to get quick information about likes and dislikes. The surveys don’t have the extreme temperaments of a follow up email, so the feedback is more casual. When used properly, you’ll gain constructive criticism to help improve a product or service. 

6. Review Chat Transcripts

There are plenty of missteps in a chat transcript, and there is always a trigger that elevates the situation.  Go through the transcripts carefully to find out what the common denominator for a dissatisfied customer is. Sometimes it is something so trivial that it can be resolved company-wide in a day. 

5. Check Recorded Sales Calls

There is a reason that recorded sales calls are still the go to information tool for companies. With it, you get feedback that is unfiltered and true to the customer’s emotions. Even on calls with no conflict, there is something that can be used to improve the company. 

4. What Are Your Incentives For Feedback?

Time is valuable, and not everyone is willing to give detailed information about their dealings with your company. A simple way to resolve this is by providing small incentives for voluntarily giving feedback. Entering survey takers into a drawing has plenty of upside that will draw a lot of interest. 

3. Use A Sound Strategy

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket when trying to get customer feedback. You’ll have better success by putting together a strategy that pulls information from multiple resources. This narrows the error margin when deciding in the feedback has appropriate data to improve your company.

2. Prioritize CSAT

Make customer satisfaction your priority by using survey questions that make sense. Instead of the generic lines that respondents are used to, mix it up by tailoring it to their unique experience. As a result, the survey seems less like a chore and is more interactive. 

1. Improve Your Net Promoter Score

When you want to obtain and measure the most viable feedback, NPS is still one of the top ways. Using a scale of 1-10 is informative enough to help with stats but simple enough that consumers don’t get frustrated providing answers. Surveys that ask too much of the customer run the risk of getting low scores regardless of their dealings with the company. 

Wrap Up

Dealing with customer needs becomes easy when you know where to start. Feedback and testimonials will give you all the ammunition needed to improve a company. Instead of chasing business trends, become the leader that creates them.