College Dorm Hack: Leave Your Door Open


I know other college dorm hacks center on labeling your chords, using a whiteboard for chores, or maximizing space under the bed.

But the particular college dorm hack I want to discuss today won’t make your room stylish or help you get the most out of your space. (I’m sorry if you didn’t read the subtitle and expected something different.)

Leaving your door open does something much more important: It gives you an open door (pun intended) to meet a bunch of people and make great college friends.

You have to admit that social confidence is much more valuable than some cool light fixture in your room.

Making friends is the best DIY you can get! You’re going to like what you read below.

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Benefits Of An Open Dorm Door

Every time you walk back to your dorm room, you have the choice to leave your door open or close it.

I’m convinced you should leave it open as much as possible because an open door does so many good things for your social life.

First, an open door sends the message that you’re a friendly and welcoming person, open to meeting new people. That alone is a big deal because this open door gives people the courage to walk in to get to know you.

Imagine you’re nervous about making friends. If that’s the case, you’re probably not going to knock on someone’s closed door and introduce yourself. But, if the door is open and you see people on the futon, when you walk by you’re more likely to stop and check out what they’re up to.

Then, when people take the invitation and walk in your room, you make new friends without getting off your butt. You’ll meet people in your major and friends with common interests. And more good comes out of it because these friends will possibly turn into an exercise partner or someone you can study with. (To determine if you should study alone or with people, first read: Do Friends Who Study Together, Succeed Together?)

Also, there’s a bonus to this. When people in the dorm see a group in your room, they’ll decide to see what’s going on and come in. Now the entire dorm floor is getting to know each other and you get the credit for connecting them because it’s your room. That’s never a bad thing.

Overall, it’s going to be a much better year if you have a bunch of friends close by and the dorm is getting along with each other.

However, the opposite effects happen if you always have your door closed in the dorm. People will consciously or subconsciously get the perception that you’re closed off and not welcome to making friends. Plus, you’ll meet fewer people in your dorm. Both of these, of course, will damage your social life.

Having an open door policy isn’t the only way to make friends. It’s just the easiest, in my opinion.

And since you shouldn’t study in your room, leave that door open as long as you’re not changing or sleeping. It’s worth it.

Final Words

Leaving your door open is one small move that not many college students think about. Yet now you know the huge benefits of this action for your social life and college experience.

So if you’re living in a college dorm, open that door and watch what happens over time.

And if you’re a skeptic about this, you have to leave your door open for at least a week to see what happens. I’m confident enough to say that there’s no way your social life won’t improve with this college dorm hack.

What do you have to lose?

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