Amazon Bestselling Author Reads His Mean Book Reviews

Hey guys, most of the time this site is super serious—for good reason too, since success is a daily battle of “how bad do you want it?”.

I loosened up a bit to have some fun in this last video from my YouTube channel.

Watch the clip above to see me read “mean” book reviews people left on Amazon when reviewing my 3 books: The Golden Resume, Freedom Mindset, and How To College.

You’ll probably get a kick out of my responses to these 1- and 2-star book reviews. Surprisingly the bad reviews weren’t terrible. I expected far worse before I did this video!

I got the idea for this video from the popular video Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, then did my own spin on it.

To be genuine for a second, many of the book reviews were by no means inaccurate.

For example, The Golden Resume is focused on a young adult audience. If someone picks it up and they’re 50 years old, of course they’re going to be a bit disappointed. I feel them on that.

So I’m just playing and being sarcastic the entire time to add some flair for the viewers. Back a few years ago these reviews would have triggered me, but now I’m much cooler when people’s opinions go against me.

If you left one of those reviews, I like you. After all, I love my haters (wink, wink).

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